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Let’s Fl!p Your K!tchen

Part cookbook, part cooking class, part time management coach, Fl!p Your K!tchen will teach you how you can—and why you might want to—cook and eat at home on a regular basis.

Fl!p Your K!tchen not only provides simple recipes for home-cooked meals from whole, healthful ingredients—it also introduces a menu planning system that teaches you how to create 21 meals a week completely from scratch even if you work (more than) full-time.

I was expecting a good book….but this publication is so perfect in it’s simplicity and tangible hands-on kitchen usage, I think it is a must have for everyone who is inspired to prepare great and optimally nutritious meals with ease and thoughtfulness.

Paul Fiedler, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Food of Men and Gods

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Register for Meal Planning Made Simple, an online course that can accompany the book or stand alone. You’ll be meal planning like a boss in 4 short weeks!

Want more?

The pilot of the Fl!p Your K!tchen™ online course is still open!

This course, which originally ran January–October 2016, is a virtual accompaniment to the material in the book. You can join any time and work at your own pace.

In every module, you’ll get content about flipping your kitchen, 2-4 simple recipes to try, and a variety of opportunities to ask me questions and get support on your journey. For those who are interested, I will also be offering a chance to connect with other subscribers—we’ll visit each other’s virtual kitchens and cheer each other on!

I loved the course. Loved the gradual building to be able to put meals together and build on leftovers and meals in the freezer. To be able to cook from scratch and plan meals in advance (or never be without a meal) is so genius and healthy!

Deb Ivy, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

By the end of the course, you will have flipped your kitchen and mastered a lot of simple recipes that you will feel confident about tweaking to provide variety to your meals, whether you cook for one or many, whether you’re an omnivore or adhere to certain dietary restrictions.

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Let’s get cooking!